The League of Extraordinary Game Geeks

The League of Extraordinary Game Geeks (TLEG) is an intense group of Skillful Players who are respectful and laid back. But when we play halo we let it alllllll out. Noobs will be owned and Losers will be powned. If you would like to join the TLEG then send a message to IJUSTOWNEDYOU11, Glasses Guy, or
WarLemur. There are currently about 12 of us and if you would like to join. Message us!

Here is the link to the official TLEG site:



Welcome to ULTIMATE REACH. Here you will be learning about the wonders of killing helpless noobs in battle! It’s really quite simple! This takes years to master, but with a lot of practice, and skill, I believe, we believe you can do it! Good Luck!