So this video has gone through the internet as fast as a fat man with diarrhea. It’s called, “Nyan”. As you can see, it’s japanese.. Nobody knows what those people are thinking. Either great breakthroughs in science, or stupid-ass retrodance movies with annoying people yelling. If you have a life, don’t watch this video. You will be sucked in by tentacles and eaten while being shit on. Though it may be cute, its annoyingness reaches a 20 on a scale of 1-10. I first saw this on TLEG’S main website which I am a member of. Thanks Glasses Guy!

Today i’m going to be talking about, FUNNY HALO PICTURES! For example,
This Photo is a masterpiece of greatness. Whoever made this should get a pat on the back. And a twinkie to fulfill his fat hunger. Now, These photos brought by mankind should be cherished because all halo is gone. We can only live in the past. Memories, games. That’s it. Sooooo, here’s another funny picture!

Just for those who feel the need to make fun of something..

Now that we’ve had our giggles, we can get down to the real deal. These pictures aren’t just pictures. They’re masterpieces. Many people who hate halo don’t seem to appreciate them as much as the lovers do. So if you see a hater hatin’ on all dis. He deserves a falcon punch to the cajones.


Just recently, IJUSTOWNEDYOU11 (me) got a perfection on Team Arena. I was so proud of myself that i jumped with joy. The teammate I was with was happened to be a 10 year old boy unfortunately who kept calling me “boss” because I kept telling him to crouch down or follow me.. I believe that this is complete loyalty and I love it! Fortunately, he wasn’t half bad! And in the end I got 18 kills and no deaths and the boy got 7 kills and 2 deaths. So as you can see we won! We ended up sticking together for I think 11 matches and only 2 we lost. We are now friends on live!

If you have any awesome matches, post them here!


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