Tips and Tricks

When playing in the Halo universe, people tend to focus on one thing. The enemy team. Well that’s one thing you should focus on, but others are just as important. Here i’ll tell you how to rack up kills and give you info on

1. Always look for explosives lying around. Learn to stay away from them but always focus on them just in case if a member of the enemy team goes near it. You know how that goes… BAM. Free kill right there.

2. Get good combinations of guns. My favorites are, Sniper and the shotgun, DMR and the magnum. Always look for POWER weapons because the time you spend looking for them will be payed back to you in kills.

3. Watch out for Campers. These people most likely have a power weapon and are usually good with them. There is a down side to camping though believe it or not. You’re a sitting duck. If someone comes behind you(that is if your not against a wall or in a corner) then your screwed. My advice is to always have a keen eye and don’t be noobs who camp.

4. If you see a line of vehicles going from Mongoose, Ghost, Revenant, Warthog. You should either choose the warthog or revenant. Never choose a mongoose because your usually defenseless. It’s a great way to bring down your K/D ratio.

5. NEVER EVER T-bag unless it is completely deserved. If you get a perfection, it’s perfectly alright, you deserve it. Heck you deserve a gold medal. In other cases if you have a rival that you just beat the shit out of and he’s just making excuses why he lost, he deserves a royal t-bag. Don’t stop until his body disappears.

5.1. And on that note, don’t trash talk either unless necessary. If they are a bunch of camping noobs who are trash talking you, then kill the bastards, T-Bag ’em, then trash talk them until they cry! (Only if they REALLY deserve it) Also if they are trash talking you and your crew but you beat them, in this case you also have a right to trash talk them.


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